We at TravelFuse have many years of software experience, during which time we have witnessed the evolution of technology and its many advantages.

Since 2015, we have dedicated our expertise exclusively to the field of tourism and we started on this path with the idea of revolutionizing the tourism market in Romania.

We aim to offer our partners the best and most complex integrated software solutions for offering and selling tourist packages. Moreover, we want that, by using our products, our partners' customers have access to the ideal tourist experience: simple, reliable and comfortable.

From the very beginning, we are honest with everyone we work with - we appreciate fair play in business.

We are proactive and that is why we are constantly concerned with improving our products so that they offer as many benefits as possible to those who use them.

Our team is made up of young, enthusiastic people with different professional backgrounds and everyone contributes, with their knowledge, to our vision. I invite you, in the lines below, to get to know us.

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Product Manager

Sales Representative

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Customer Support

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Founder&Managing Partner, CTO

Founder&Managing Partner, CEO