To all those who own a travel agency and want to develop their business online.

As many as you want. Depending on the package you choose, you can use the platform without integrating any tour operator, but just add your tourist packages, or you can choose to integrate all the tour operators we have on offer. See the list of integrated tour operators here.

Yes, it is needed, as you will need to request API/XML credentials from each tour operator you want to integrate.

Analyze your wishes, business needs and budget and then choose from the 3 subscription packages: Start-up 2.0, Standard 2.0 and Standard+ 2.0. Each package includes a number of specific functionalities that can support your development plan (see here the list of all available functionalities by package). If you want more functionality, you can always upgrade to the Standard+ 2.0 package, which includes all current and future functionality.

The Start-up 2.0 package helps you develop an online store with a low investment; you have the possibility to integrate a minimum number of 20 tour operators, but you benefit from limited functionalities.

In addition to the financial investment, the Standard+ 2.0 package additionally brings a series of functionalities in terms of targeted online promotion tools and advanced customization options.

Depending on the package chosen, you can manage your online store by changing colors, modifying existing texts, adding photo and video galleries at country, destination and hotel/circuit level, modifying the content of offers sent by tour operators, creating a blog, etc.

The offers are updated automatically, according to the booking systems of the tour operators you have chosen to integrate, both in terms of rates and payment or cancellation conditions for each individual offer.

If you choose the Standard 2.0 or Standard+ 2.0 package, you have a Blog and Testimonials section where you can add this information.

With us by your side! We provide you with a user manual of the administration module, we organize training meetings on Skype, you will have an email address and a phone number where you can contact us to ask us questions.

In the case of the Start-up 2.0 package there is no installation fee, so you will only receive the monthly invoice for the subscription.

If you chose the Standard 2.0 or Standard+ 2.0 package, you will initially receive the invoice for the installation fee, which is paid only once. Afterwards, you will receive the invoice for the monthly subscription.

Yes, the setup fee and monthly subscription fee is lower if you choose to pay in advance.

Can be withdrawn at any time without penalty.