The implementation of TripAdvisor in the TravelFuse E-comm platform is only valid at The Standard Package and The Premium Package.


By choosing this facility, you will have access to the specific classifications and reviews of the TripAdvisor system, so familiar to your customers.

If you want all the useful and necessary information in the search and booking process to be at hand, with this module you will be able to differentiate.

Implementation procedure
Gain access and certification from TripAdvisor

To gain access you will need to request an API KEY from TripAdvisor by completing the following form:

After receiving it, you will send it to us for implementation.

We provide you with the test link, which you will send for certification to

After authorization from TripAdvisor, we will set the instance live and you will need to map the hotels individually as per the procedure below.

Manage and display TripAdvisor information

In the administration module of the website, access the section 
Tourist Products - Hotels 
and identify the hotel for which the Tripadvisor code will be added.
Careful! The hotel must be master.
The EDIT button is accessed to display the new window where the Tripadvisor code will be added. 
The field where the Tripadvisor code will be added can be found on the Main Data tab.
Identify the hotel on Tripadvisor and copy the existing code in the link. Flamingo_Grand_Hotel_Spa-Albena_Dobrich_Province.html
The code consists of the digits following the letter d, in the present example being 1129053

The texts related to ratings and reviews can be edited from the Website Settings – Texts section, filtering by tags: tripadvisor:rating_text: and tripadvisor:subrating_text: