The contract with the tourist and its activation in your online store!


The contract with the tourist and its activation in your online store

Today we are talking about a crucial aspect in the activity of travel agencies, namely the correct observance and application of the legislation in force.

contract activation in your online store

One of the essential obligations of travel agencies is to complete and comply with the contract with the tourist according to the legislative framework, as it appears from OG 2/2018.

With the start of a new tourist season, we want to make sure your agency's online store is legally compliant.
To make sure you have a complete and legal contract, below are the steps you need to follow. Regardless of which TravelFuse package you use, the compliance and steps are the same.

Whether you sell from a single tour operator or you have integrated several, you must obtain a mandate agreement from each tour operator you sell from.

Step 1

Ask the Organizer if he requires the use of his contract with the tourist.

Step 2

Request this contract from the organizer.

Step 3

If the organizer does not enforce their contract, you can use yours.

Step 4

Upload it to the platform according to our instructions and everything will be ready for your next booking.



Careful! If the organizer requires the use of their marketing agreement, then you will need to request and use it yourself.

Generic contract

displayed in a static page

Contract with the tourist






1. Access the backend of your website, go to the Website Settings / Pages / New registration section and fill in the information to generate the static page of the contract with the tourist.

2. After completing step 1, go to Tourism Settings / Tour Operators.

3. In the Actions column, select the Edit icon.

In the tab: MAIN DATA, make sure that the options are checked, according to the adjacent image, so that the platform knows that the TO in question is the Service Organizer.

In the CONTRACTUAL DETAILS tab, complete the company data.

Go to the bottom of the page and fill in the Contract Page field, the address of the static page (URL) where the sales contract is loaded:.


If the Organizer requires the use of his contract, you have two options:

  • You generically upload the contract sent by the Organizer to the static page and add the URL, as indicated above
  • Auto-completion of the contract; activate this option, make the necessary configurations only once and you can enjoy the auto-completion of the contract for each client.

But how does the platform help you?

But how does the platform you use help you save time and avoid errors? By auto-completing the contract, every time you generate it.

2. Activate this option, make the necessary configurations only once and you can enjoy the auto-completion of the contract for each client.

Once you have a form of contract (of the Organizer or yours), which you want to display on the website, upload it to the platform in a special page and be able to generate it automatically with each sale, check if you have activated the template option- contracts.

Request the list of variables by email to our support team at

Do you have the contract with the automated tourist?

Correct and transparent completion of this contract is imperative to ensure that the tourist is well informed and protected.

Travel agencies must answer any question or concern of the tourist regarding the content of the contract, ensuring that it is fully understood and signed by both parties.

Finally, compliance with the legislation and the contract with the tourist is not only a professional standard, but also a guarantee of customer trust and satisfaction, thus contributing to the sustainable development and positive reputation of the travel agency.

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