Did you know what are the 3 important pages on your website?

You would probably expect there to be other pages. Be it the landing page for special offers or the most sought-after destinations of the summer / winter or maybe top hotels on the coast. But it seems that Google has other pages FAVORITE on your website, and the information in them is essential for your online travel agency.

Optimizing these 3 pages helps you rank better in Google search results and increase conversions or bookings. Why? Because these 3 pages convince the search engine and the customer that your travel agency exists and is reliable: Home, About us and Contact.

Home page

home page, digital storefront of an online travel agency or virtual business card for you and your business, it's probably the first place where the customer lands who either barely knows you, or comes back to you after some time. It is the place where you give him the assurance that he found what he was looking for, but also that he will always discover something new here.

You need to make sure you have one title relevant to your customers, o Short description introducing yourself, your offers and possible reasons for them to buy from you and a call to action where you encourage them to either discover new destinations or book new holidays. All 3 should be personalized and represent you, your agency and your niche.

Why is it important to choose a niche? Because in a fairly mature tourist market like the one in Romania, we all work with the same tour operator partners, have access to the same hotels on offer and promote the same destinations. And all of this makes our sites all almost identical, and the challenge arises: How do we differentiate ourselves from our peers in the industry? Answering this challenge generally drives the direction we focus all of our agency's energy and communication. 

Make sure your homepage is full of countries, resorts or hotels that you really think are relevant. Add high-quality feature photos (that you can't find on all the other sites), communicate personalized and be inventive to capture and retain the attention of tourists arriving on your website. All these make the difference between a guest of the site and a client of the agency.

Build the information on the page in such a way that you keep the goal you set for the sale, and don't forget that it must respond, at the content level, to the expectations and fears of your future customers. Create safety through transparent information about destinations and hotels, through recommendations of optional trips already tested by you and even presents images taken in past infotrips.

Visitors to your website are looking for a travel agency, a travel agent, a specialist and a travel enthusiast, not just a booking platform.

About Us page

All your travel agency's website is online about you and about them at the same time, but on this page you must talk exclusively about yourself (or yourselves). Depending on your personality, it can be a page close TECHNICAL which presents your history like a resume or it can be one page creative that takes the visitor on a journey with you. 

When you build the page about us think first of all about what your visitor's expectations are. What does he expect to find? as information and what you want to convey to them as a feeling. You can include images of your team to ensure they always have someone to communicate with, images of the headquarters to convey stability, press appearances, reviews from the agency's clients and especially video content. Just presenting a list of services is no longer enough. 

Most importantly, most new visitors to your agency will almost certainly land on this page, and it will make the difference between a visitor and a customer. You most likely have paid through ads for a chance to do a first impression, now make sure it's a good one too.

Contact page

Users who land here are interested in communicating directly with you. Why? Because the ability to communicate directly, to hear you before they place a reservation, gives them peace of mind that they will also have who and how to contact during the reservation. In the page contact things should be simple and clear.

Present your schedule Operating, the hours you can be found at the agency or on the phone and the eventual emergency phone. Make sure that all the ways you can be contacted are visible: phone, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Chat, physical office, social media. If you have several phone numbers, add the image of the consultant who answers that number.

And put a contact form for which it states very clearly when and how you respond. Visitors, customers, users, expect you to respond in a time adapted to their needs, and 24 hours it might not be the best idea…

Just 3 pages that together will make the difference between guest and client, between visit and conversion in your online travel agency. Two of them (about us and contact) you create them in the medium and long term and you have no reason to modify them very often, and the page man it must always be fresh. 

We at TravelFuse have tried to simplify as many technical aspects of an effective online business as possible. Now it only remains for you to give it soul.

Keep up the good work and success!