How do you communicate with your customers on social media?

You must always communicate where your customers are or where your customers want to communicate with you. The latest statistics put social media sometimes above traditional media of information and promotion, such as TV. It's clear, in 2024 you no longer need arguments for a social media presence, but how do you make that presence bring positive results to your business?

Social media communication is about relationship. It's about communication and real-time feedback from the target audience you're communicating with. It's not just about you anymore, it's about them, and if you listen well enough, you can shape your service offering according to a demand in an ever-changing market. Reactions, comments, shares, love and hate, these are the signals you get in real time from your customers.

Beyond a nice environment where we can make cool posts and adorable reels, social media communication must be a business tool.

  1. Communicate in easy to understand, natural and friendly language

Two things are essential in social media communication: making sure you are heard (that you have a high enough reach and frequency) and that you are understood (that you speak the same language as your customers). 

Making sure that you are heard, that you have a reach ok and a sufficient frequency can be easy, or it can be difficult. Platforms reward with "organic reach" (when your post naturally reaches more and more people and has the potential to even go viral) only really interesting content that brings value to those who look at it (either it's entertaining, educational , funny, etc) and manages to keep the user on the social network as long as possible.

Most of the time, when we talk about "business" pages, Facebook pages with a stated commercial purpose, the content is rarely that interesting and the communication approach makes the reach (the number of people your post reaches) generally between 1% and 3% of the total number of followers (followers) of the page. Yes Yes. You read it right. No matter how hard you tried to get those page likes, you still have to pay for the reach of each post. But this is also an advantage. Because you can perfectly control from the budget how many people see you and how many times they see you...

Create the content on the page around the customer, in a language that is easy to understand, natural and friendly. That's it. The rest of the things come naturally if you are present and empathetic in social media.

  1. Engage your audience with your experience

One of the traps that travel agencies generally fall into is that they use social media and posts exclusively for the transmission of holiday offers and this turns the feed into a "bulletin" of posts that have far too little reach and interaction and that it only creates "value" as long as it generates "a sale".

A travel agent's experience should be a constant source of useful tips, hints, getaway ideas or new information about destinations that customers can't wait to learn new things about (not just how much a 7-night stay costs…). Communicate these things as if you were telling someone, lovingly and naturally.

You see... Your tourists' vacations are trips that they make primarily with their soul. Before making a choice, your page followers need to make sure they trust the company that will manage their long-awaited vacation. For this very reason, your communication will be essential and will make the difference between your agency and the competition.

Social media users will like and share for 2 reasons: either they really like the content you're promoting, or because of what it says about them that they're following you. You need to be interesting, attractive and dynamic in a constantly changing market.

You have probably the biggest asset you can have: real photos and experiences from past organized infotrips. The content with the highest engagement rate is the natural, original content (which at the same time differentiates itself from the traditional content of a travel agency). Look at it this way... All you have to do is tell the story and illustrate with photos the infotrips you've been on, what landscapes you've seen, what foods you've tasted, what hotels you've visited, etc.

  1. Structure the text so that it is airy

Have you ever considered that the way you place text in a post can make the difference between getting it read or being ignored altogether?

Learn to space ideas, use paragraphs, insert prompts and symbols. All this will "air" your text, and it will look much more attractive and easy to navigate than a compact one.

Your communications should be concise, not very long and with as much color as possible. 

  1. Ask questions in your posts

If you haven't resorted to this tactic before, I highly recommend that you do. It is perhaps the most direct way in which you can invite the followers of your page to a direct dialogue. But be careful, they really have to be interested in what you're asking. 

You can ask them to share an opinion, relate an experience or even get involved in a discussion about a certain holiday theme (city break, relaxing at the beach, cultural visit, etc.).

You can use their answers both to better understand your target audience and to plan your future promoted destinations.

I hope the information I shared was helpful and will transform the way you communicate with people on social media! 

Good luck! We are following you!